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Fill the form below with some basic info about you.

Step #1

Tell us about yourself, your experiences as an English teacher and credentials. 

Step #2

Upload a short video in English, introducing yourself, let us know a little bit more about you.

Step #3

Become a Member of Our Team

Turn Your Passion for Teaching into Income: Become a Parrots Online English Tutor and Make The Difference Working from Home

Help to Change Lives 

Work From The Comfort of Your House

Make a Great Extra Income

  • To become a tutor at Parrots English, the process begins by completing the application form located above. This form is designed to gather comprehensive information about your background and experiences as an English tutor. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your application stands out:

    1. Personal Details: Start by providing your basic personal information such as your name, contact details, and any professional website or LinkedIn profile that could give us a better understanding of your background.

    2. Educational Background: Detail your educational qualifications, including any degrees or certifications relevant to English language teaching. This could include TESOL, TEFL, CELTA certifications, or a degree in English language and literature.

    3. Teaching Experience: Describe your experience in teaching English. Include the types of teaching roles you've had, the educational institutions or platforms you've worked with, the age groups and proficiency levels of your students, and any specialized areas of teaching expertise (such as Business English, IELTS preparation, etc.). Be sure to highlight any online teaching experience, given the nature of our platform.

    4. Teaching Philosophy: Briefly outline your teaching philosophy. What is your approach to teaching English? How do you engage and motivate your students? What strategies do you use to facilitate language learning?

    5. Technical Setup: Since our platform operates online, describe your home office setup. Include details about your computer, internet connectivity, and any teaching aids or software you regularly use to enhance your teaching sessions.

    6. Availability: Indicate your availability, including days of the week and times you are most likely to be available for tutoring sessions. This helps us match you with students whose schedules align with yours.

  • Once you've submitted the form, our recruitment team will review your application. You may be contacted for a follow-up interview or a demo teaching session as part of the selection process.

  • Depending on your experience as an English tutor and your scheduling preferences, we ensure the best match with students

  • It depends on how many students you are able to help, you can make anything between R$1.000 to R$3.500 BRL monthly.

  • You do not need a ESL certificate to become a tutor at Parrots, but your experience with the English language and as a tutor can have bit influence on the recruitment process. 

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