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​Terms and Conditions


Here at Parrots, we are proud to offer you an open, safe and friendly place to practice your English. To create the best learning space possible, we ask for your help in complying with these rules of conduct.

Thank you for choosing Parrots and for your help in supporting our diverse community. We look forward to helping you on your English learning journey!



Treat everyone with respect at Parrots


You can find tutors from all over the world, with different religions, cultures and values. Please treat everyone you meet with respect, kindness and consideration for their differences. We have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone—student or tutor⁠—who mistreats another person. Any discrimination based on race, culture, religion, physical appearance or sexual orientation will not be tolerated by Parrots. * * If you experience intolerance, discrimination or harassment at Parrots, please report it. We will investigate and take appropriate action (your name and privacy will be protected).


Dress like you would for any other class


Our dress code is similar to a college class. You may dress casually, but please dress fully and respectfully.


Practice in a quiet place


Make sure you have your classes in a quiet location without excessive background noise. Also, be sure to select a spot where you know you won't be interrupted by another person during class. Your Parrots account is just for you.


Religion, politics or other controversial subjects


Some tutor-student relationships are open and respectful enough to have rewarding conversations about religion, politics or other controversial topics while practicing English. However, if the conversation becomes negative or possibly offensive to you or your guardian, move on to another topic.


Always ask for permission before sharing videos


Even after saying goodbye to your tutor, you can keep practicing and improving by watching the class recordings again. You can also share your learning experience on social media to help other students benefit from Parrots. However, before sharing videos anywhere, always ask your tutor for permission first. If a video is shared without permission, you will be asked to remove it.


No substance use during class


It is forbidden to drink alcohol during classes. And because Parrots is a learning environment, avoid smoking, eating or chewing gum.



By following these rules you will help us to keep our English Course the best.



Sincerely: Parrots

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